Jess Segal

North Central College Fine & Performing Arts

Naperville, IL

As Assistant Director of the Fine and Performing Arts at North Central College, a large part of my job was marketing and audience development for our music, theatre and fine arts programming. I collaborated with the marketing department to create and choreograph multichannel marketing campaigns that resulted in several sold out shows and ticket sales that surpassed projections each season. I designed and implemented a digital marketing strategy where there was none before, including Facebook and geolocation ads, which contributed to an increase in new ticket buyers and year-over-year increase of 16% in ticket sales.


I updated and maintained the Fine and Performing Arts pages of the North Central College website through Drupal, and the ticketing website through Virtual Box Office. I created and formatted graphics to encourage increased click throughs for events and worked with Virtual Box Office to ensure a positive user experience for the ticketing website.